TDCJ’s Offender Grievance Program

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An effective grievance program extends far beyond the staff of the grievance department. It involves an ongoing commitment by both staff and offenders at every facility to solve problems. The grievance program also provides a variety of supportive and protective functions by giving the offender an alternative to confrontation and an outlet for frustration and aggression. The program offers the offender a less formal alternative to litigation, thus saving taxpayers the cost of defending the agency in court. Grievances, when taken collectively, provide a wealth of insight into the daily operations of each unit that is helpful in maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and offenders.

The current offender grievance process facilitates problem resolution at two distinct administrative levels. The first, commonly referred to as Step 1, allows the Warden to identify and resolve issues at the unit level. The second level, known as Step 2, affords an offender the opportunity to appeal the Warden’s decision. Step 2 grievances are sent off the unit to the Central Grievance Office in Huntsville, Texas for
review. Once the two-step process has been completed, the offender’s administrative remedies within TDCJ have been exhausted.

During Fiscal Year 2012 Texas offenders located in TDCJ units across the state filed a combined 216,258 Step 1 and Step 2 grievances, which represents an increase from the previous fiscal year. Approximately 26% of all Step 1 grievances were appealed to the second step, indicating that effective problem resolution is occurring at the unit level.

Grievable Issues
√ TDCJ policies and procedures
√ Actions of an employee or another offender
√ Harassment and/or retaliation for use of the
grievance procedure or access to courts
√ Loss or damage of pers
onal property by TDCJ
√ Basic care (things that TDCJ has control over)

Non-Grievable Issues
x State or Federal Laws
x Parole decisions
x Time-served credit disputes
x Matters for which other formal appeal
mechanisms exist
x Any matter beyond the control of the Agency

Remedies which are available through the Grievance Procedures
√ Restitution of property, either monetary or
√ Change of policy, procedures, rule, or practice;
√ Corrections of records;
√ Other relief, as appropriate

Remedies which are not available through the Grievance Procedure
x Requests for disciplinary
action against employees.
x Requests for consequential or punitive damages

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* Have a loved one in Jail, Prison or Immigration Detention Center or Youth Corrections center ????

National Corrections Oversight Coalition

Reg’d OJP/DOJ®


NOTICE : Inquiries, Questions, Comments, Corrections Consulting Advisories & Recommendations, please contact us at :

Administrative 409.356.4148 Executive Directors Office 409.974.6422


APPOINTED  TO BE WITH AN ATTITUDE YOU MUST BE AGGRESSIVE, PERSISTENT & MOST OF ALL DEMANDING!!                                                                                                 


 Do you have a loved one in Jail, Prison or in a Immigration Detention Center, Youth Detention Facility??? or Correctional institute that has the authority to detain individuals. Have they been abused, assaulted, beaten, raped or even attempted to be murdered or murdered,???

{Is your loved one in a “Security Threat Group”  or “Gang”and wants out ,but is, (AFRAID.??}

Did you also know that the Federal Government is & has labeled these “Gangs” as “Homegrown Terrorist” under The Revised Patriot Act & they can & will be held in custody indefinitely????

If you have answered ” YES” to any of the questions listed above,

Please “DO NOT” hesitate to contact our offices at (409.356.4148) State that you would like to file a complaint or you may File a offender letter complaint by e-mail to the Founder/Executive Director’s Office  ( or if you choose you can send the complaint by mail to: Attention Founder/Executive Director s Office Jim W. Ferguson II  Central Headquarter’s 1428 23rd St. Ave. N. Suite # 2 Galveston Texas 77550






  • If you are ever in the area of Galveston, Texas and you would love to see the inner workings of a organization or you would like to have coffee with our Founder/Executive Director or a member of our staff you can hit us up (call) and and get a confirmation (please allow (1) day prior notice) and we’ll coffee up and talk about what is going on in your world.
  • NCOC strives to maintain EXCELLENCE and be on the forefront of advocacy and protection on behalf of offenders confined in facilities across the United States.

   We are a very concerned group of organizations that is very concerned about the well-being of offenders . We are Offender Families, Friends, Concerned Citizens, we are also Former Prisoners, Veterans, Former Guards/Officers,Former Gang Members, Former Officials, Paralegals,/Legal Assistants, Producers, Investigating Journalists, Civil Rights Activists & Mothers, Fathers. Our primary objective is the offenders (Safety, Security & Their Mental Well being) We only want a even the balance in the playing field in Corrections. 



  • We are very aggressive, dedicated & above all else Loyal.  We are (GENERATION X ) We will always question our government , We “weekly” file FOIA Freedom of Information Act Requests, from Courts , Police Agencies, Federal Agencies , United Nations  & Social/Civil Organizations,  We monitor our government & its branches .
  • As a paralegal/legal assistant I understand the law very well and specialize in “only”civil law. I know for fact from my research in caselaw & legal education that all offenders have personal unaliebable Constitutional Rights which is to be    
  • “free” from harm  & also from future harm. See:(Hellings v. McKinney 509 U.S. 25,33 (1993) That is the privilege we as Americans have even if you are imprisoned, confined, detained or institutionalized.
  •  IV.          
  •  I continually inform NCOC staff about the abuse in jail & prison in our meetings. All “New” approved members  are required to take (1) JDI Webinar a month.
  •  The issue we face everyday, is when we read a offender letter that has a young man or woman being sexually assaulted  or beaten it “infuriates” us and motivates us to push & smash even harder!!
  • We DO NOT tolerate “predators”  these are the officers/officials who manipulate & prey on youngsters or children in jail or prison.
  • NCOC has put numerous officials/officers on probation/administrative

  • leave,terminated, &/or arrested/criminally charged. We have forced High Ranking officials to retire or be charged with a misdemeanor/felony crime.

 (1) NOTE: When officials are reprimanded &/or placed on probation and do not successfully complete the given disciplinary offenses,

The violators retirement/savings benefits or pension are jeopardized by their illegal actions.When a offender files a Civil Rights, “STATE OR FEDERAL LAWSUIT” against a defendant namely the Warden, Unit Staff (unit employees) The plaintiff (offender) will expose the administrations civil or criminal violations. At the end of the court hearing, the Judge will issue a “Final Judgement”, Please see:  Garnishment of Wages, Blacks Law Dictionary 2014 8th Edition




 Victories & Accomplishments

2007- to Present 2014     96% Effective

                              Revised 1/5/14 (11:43) am. / 7 pm Reviewed 412 Files / Reviewed 415 Files / Revised 2/23/14

Revised. 5/1 /14  6:12 pm

                              Reviewed ALL Files (315) 9/2/14 (42) Legal Files Approximate Time 3 Hrs. 45 mins

Revision 9/5/14 5-7 am,  Reviewed Unit/Complaint & Compliance Files (96) 4 pm to 7 pm, Reviewed 145 files (12) Administrative Files  9/25/14  9am-11am




Specific “NAMED”officers/officials were escorted to the wardens office) of a STATE or FEDERAL INSTITUTION & WAS CRIMINALLY CHARGED. The statistics were gathered through “Internal Investigations,Record/Book Keeping & FOIA” requests written to government  agencies.


REVISED 8/21/14 2:45 PM

 NCOC has initiated &/or investigated (281) general complaints

(4)Senior Wardens were placed under Investigation due to stealing State Property.)

(167) grievances,medical complaints

(44) (CRIPA/Civil Rights of institutionalized Persons Act Violations

(1) Obstruction of Justice

(74) LIDs life in danger

(48) Sexual Assaults,{referred to (PREA) legislation Prison Rape Elimination Act/The Commission/JDI Just Detention International}

(11) Gang Wars

(15) Race Riots

(39) Excessive use of unnecessary use of force

(4)Attempted Murders (9) Capital Murders

(13) Deaths in Custody

(21) Officer Assault on a Inmate with a attempt to degrade or injure

(23)Simple Battery/Assaults

(16) Aggravated Assault with intent to Injure or do bodily harm 

(17) Conspiracies exposed on numerous facilities in the United States, Namely: TEXAS/CALIFORNIA/FLORIDA

(167)Denial of Medical Treatment

(119) Denial of Medications

(2) Medical Reprieves released due to Terminal Illness.

NCOC Records indicate (34) officers were put on Administrative Leave due to Pending Investigation (13 ) Placed on Probation, (8)Demoted , (12)Terminated,(5) Escorted off the facility to be arrested/terminated.

****Investigating since 2007****

Feel the Heat!!”

(14) Title II Violations Medical Disability Complaints To United States Department of Justice (Disability Rights Section) (Jeanine Wordon Deputy Chief Disability Right Section/Civil Right Section. (2007-2014)

On March 10 2010 the DOJ  published a advanced Notice of the Proposed Rulemaking Process seeking public comment on all the commissions proposed standards as well as specific questions asked by the DOJ . It is publically accessiable at, Docket ID No. DOJ-OAG -2010-0001.(Office of the Attorney General) The U.S.DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE posted the Founders/Executive Directors letter  & was considered during the commissions rulemaking process.

Recorded in (www.regulations. gov)


     Officials/Officers cannot  (Deliberate Indifferance) & will not ignore us or make us goes away.We will not run (We can do it the easy way or hard way the choice is (YOURS) we have all the time in the world, WE HAVE THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT &/ or MEDIA at our disposal.

We do not care about money (although we need it to pursue your complaints), you cannot bribe us or manipulate us or give us gifts to ignore the situation where a human being is concerned. We are on a very strict time frame with a “Very Important Mission” to secure the safety & security of offenders & expose corrupt officials/officers. We EXPOSE CORRUPTION & COVER-UPs, we will write articles ABOUT THE OFFICER/OFFICIAL WHO WAS INVOLVED, AIR IT ON KPFT 90.1 ,PUT IT ON THE INTERNET TO GO VIRAL !!


(That’s a Promise)







(2.) All correspondence are REQUIRED to state the WHO,WHAT,WHEN,WHERE,HOW & WHY 

  (Who)  was is it that violated your “Protected Constitutional Rights” or assaulted you? (IT MUST BE SERIOUS)

  (What)  happened please describe in detail, what happened make sure you get names, dates, times, witness,  documentation, grievences, court papers, disciplinary papers, or anything relevent to your complaint/case.

 (When) It Happened, make sure you note what time it was, what day it was, what year , any past references, or any references of dates you think could help in your complaint/case

 (Where)  it happened, was you in your cell, in the dayroom , chow hall or officers dining hall ,Offender dining room  ,outside recreation, we must have the location in the event that it may have been recorded /videotaped and we may be able to review the video 7/or assist in the prosecution.

 (How) did it happened give the situations detail as much as possible, Do Not assume YOU MUST HAVE FACTS.!!(Hearsay is inadmissible)

 (Why)  did it happen, give your best reasoning, if you believe strongly that a certain official / offender was involved but not caught or have reason to believe in another matter, please explain in detail


  ( Rules & Regulations)

(1.) All offenders confined in a institution/facility is required to “EXHAUSTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDIES ” which is the unit grievence procedure before filing a formal complaint with NCOC, 

(2.) All complaints /correspondence are REQUIRED to state the WHO,WHAT,WHEN,WHERE,HOW & WHY 

(3.)All complaints must be typed or written legibly

(4.)Any correspondence received that does not meet these requirements or written standards will be returned to correct, you may then re-submit the information &/or complaint.

(5.)All correspondence /information recieved by NCOC Central Headqaurters/KPFT 90.1 becomes the property of NCOC & KPFT 90.1 or that home &/or office in the United States.

(6.)  (All) complaints/correspondence received must state the senders full name, address, number, cell block , housing area.

(7) All new approved members are required to take (1) JDI webinar a month.

(8) All complaints filed by family members must have the offenders original signature.

(9) All medical complaints are required to have the current HIPPA form sighned & placed in the offenders medical file. (Must be filed every 6 months/ Contact Unit Medical Department)

(10) ALL staff/members will act professionally when conducting investigations or  representing NCOC.

(11) NCOC staff/members are required to commit to a minimum of 2 hours a day.

(12) All staff/members are prohibited from giving any legal advice to clients.

(13) NCOC staff are prohibited from using profanity when conversing with officials/officers, conducting investigations.

(14) All staff members are to be courteous, respectful and are prohibited from using inappropriate language that could poorly reflect on the organization as a whole.

(15) All staff/members are required to maintain a monthly membership of $5 a month or $65 a year (includes processing fees)

(16) All staff members are prohibited from using discriminatory language/actions against staff members, offenders & The Public.

Effective 10/21/14

*(17) Investigations last from 30-45-60 days, In the event it is more serious and may require a different approach or review by the Board of Director’s, Law Enforcement  or Federal Official. Additional time will be created for accrucacy.

 ***********  NOTICE ************

Prison Rape Elimination Act has created the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission is charged with addressing national standards on sexual assault/rape which is a violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States & requires Jails, Prisons , Immigration, Juvenile Detention Facilities, (PUBLIC & PRIVATE) to adopt a “ZERO TOLERANCE” approach to this form of abuse, this has created a review panel which will hold annual public hearings disclosing the worst/best unit facilities which are in compliance, failure to comply with federal law will result in a significant loss of federal funding. Additionally conflicting testimony against the directors of the prison facility and introducing conflicting evidence may result in the denial of facilities federal funding. This is where NCOC intervenes, we collect Data/Information on sexual Assaults and present

this information with supporting evidence to the PREA Commission. The Founder/Executive Director Jim W. Ferguson II will be testifying in front of the Commission /U.S. Congress in the near future. Specific dates for Congressional Testimony are unavailable at this time.



Specific pages of this website is FEDERALLY PROTECTED under the Copyright & Trademark Laws/Rights. A majority of the information contained herein is the property of the Founder/Executive Director Jim W. Ferguson II, The opinions, reviews, records, , statistics, fact finding investigations/ records or any other data or information is strictly for “Information, Advisory & Consultation Purposes Only”. NCOC is not responsible for any incorrect, incomplete information. NCOC does not take any responsibility for violations of user/reviews of this site.


EFFECTIVE  3/18/94 REVISED Recorded use 1/1/14

Information contained herein constitutes as the fair use of any copyrighted material; as provided by Section 107 of the The United States Copyright Laws in accordance with title 17 U.S.C Sec. § 107.

Due to confidentiality we respectfully request that you contact the Founder/Executive Director for use of specific posted material.       ThankYou !






           National Corrections Oversight Coalition

             Reg’d OJP/DOJ®


                                                   *NCOC # 865-754-655*                                             

                                All RIGHTS RESERVED                           


                     COPYRIGHT  © 2015    Jim W. Ferguson II                   


Transnational Organized Crime Briefings | Open Briefing

Open Briefing is the world’s first civil society intelligence agency; a collaborative platform for insight and analysis of key defence, security and foreign policy issues.

Source: Transnational organised crime briefings | Open Briefing

National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,DOJ – Community – Google+

Our organization has a very strict administrative ( “Zero Tolerance” ) policy towards abuse of offenders. we do not tolerate hostile officials or officers/employees in the Dept. of Corrections in any state in the United States” we are very aggressive, but professional, we meet with Directors of these institutions when we are able, we primarily contact these officials such as wardens, and the chain of command and file a complaint against the said defendant or respondant who have violated the offenders federal protected constitutional protections, we are constantly evolving, we take training from the federal government, military & or civilian intelligence organizations.We initiate local,state & federal lawsuits, file informal & formal complaints against these Directors, Wardens, Majors, Captains, Sgts. or anyone in the line of fire, we obtain, collect dissiminate information/intelligence on Gang Activity (security threat groups) & Domestic Terrorism, we initiate transfers to secure locations if individuals have been assaulted, raped &/or filed a life endangerment’s.We assist in protecting former gang leaders and members. We contact institutional managers/directors, case workers, legislation and civilian organizations across the U.S. for a redress of complaints/grievances.We file legal memorandum’s, that are filed with the complaintant(s) file, We request the respondant to attempt to resolve the issues at hand, additionally we attempt to resolve every issue at every avenue possible, before a complaint is filed with the federal courts, we request remarks to be placed in the individuals file. We initiate mediation & Arbitration. Note; The Founder of NCOC is a former offender/rape survivor who was raped by a HIGH RANKING OFFICIAL (LT.) Mr. Jimmy Ferguson & his staff take webinars given by Just Detention International and NCOC staff consult with the Office of Justice Programs,U.S. Dept. of Justice,(Special Litigation Section/Civil Rights Division) U.S. Dept. of Defense (Domestic Terrorism Division) & is involved in collecting, obtaining Gang Intelligence Reports. Contact: (Jimmy Ferguson)Journalist & Producer at KPFT 90.1, 419 Lovett Blvd, Houston,Texas 77006 or Tel. 409-356-4148 Note: Associated w/Law Enforcement. If you have any information regarding abuse of a loved one incarcerated please do not hesitate to contact us OFFICE HRS 10:am-6:pm, Monday – Friday All Complaints must include [1]who, what,when,where,how and why [2](must be legible) Handwritten or typed [3] All complaints or information that concerns life endangerments will be processed within 24 hrs. and will be filed to the appropriate authority in a timely manner. We have a facebook,Tweeter, Google accounts & a Website “Warning” NCOC IS ASSOCITED WITH FEDERAL LAW ENFORCMENT. ANY INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING, FALSIFIED STATEMENTS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW Jim W. Ferguson II Founder/Executive Director

Source: National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,DOJ – Community – Google+



Aug 19 (8 days ago)
to me

Texas Department of Criminal Justice


Brad Livingston

Executive Director

August 19, 2015

INQ. #2-0518-77

Jimmy Ferguson


RE:      Sonny Wilson – 684871

TDCJ Polunsky Unit

Dear Mr. Ferguson:

This letter is in response to your inquiry to this office dated August 6, 2015, regarding Offender Sonny Wilson. You claim retaliation by unit staff who are allegedly tampering with and holding his mail. You also mention medical/medication issues.

An investigation revealed Offender Wilson’s mail is being processed within the timeframes and guidelines in accordance with the Uniform Offender Correspondence Rules. There were no findings of retaliation by staff or mishandling of Offender Wilson’s mail.

As it is more suitable for health-related issues to be addressed by the Health Services Division, a copy of your letter has been forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards, TDCJ Health Services Division, at P. O. Box 99 in Huntsville, Texas  77342,, (936) 437-4271. That office will review the medical issues pertaining to Offender Wilson, obtain the necessary release of information consent from him, and respond to you directly upon completion of their inquiry.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with this office.


Rosie Norman, Ombudsman I

TDCJ Office of Ombudsman

Cc:      File

The Public Awareness – Corrections Today (PACT), a free public information conference presented by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), is scheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2015, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Please access the following link for additional information:  http://tdcj4avwebtst/announcements/announce_PACT_conference_2015.html

National Association of Distinguished Professionals



National Association of Distinguished Professionals Selects Jim W. Ferguson II as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Online Registry

HOUSTON TX –— Jim W. Ferguson II, Founder and Executive Director of National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,OJP DOJ has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals. The selection professionally recognizes Jim W. Ferguson II’s remarkable commitment to excellence in fields which include Corrections, Consulting, Investigations, Government Relations & Advocacy.

Earning his Paralegal degree in specialization in Civil Litigation. Major studies are Legal Research, Constitutional Law, Torts in 2007 at Blackstone Career Institute & Presently a Law Clerk at the Cortigene Law Firm in Galveston Texas.

Mr. Ferguson is a member of the State Bar of Texas (Paralegal Division), Member of the National Association of Legal Assistants, his training comes from the School of Hard Knocks & graduated with honors. Legal training comes from friend, legal coach former Watergate Attorney Doug Caddy, Ernest G. Caldwell, & Mentor Ray Hill.

Jim has education in Media, Producing, Journalism, Corrections is a registered Federal Consultant, Author, Minister & former staff member of KPFT 90.1 (Prison Show, Houston Texas).

Jim founded NCOC in August 2007 being concerned about family & the high rate of abuse, sexual assaults, denial of medical treatment, medications, compliance, makes recommendations, talking with corrections officials, submitting “Corrections Intelligence Reports” of his findings to Congressional Committees, (Senate/House of Representitives. He is a colleague of National Criminal Justice Reference Service which serves as the information clearinghouse for all of the bureaus of the Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice.

Highlight of his day is disputing & presenting evidence of corrections facilities with inappropriately high rates of abuse /sexual assaults  which effectively holds prison authorities accountable for failure to abide by Local, State & Federal Laws & (PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act ) guidelines that authorizes the U.S Attorney General to litigate against these state facilities.

Mr. Ferguson had this to say about the organization

“NCOC had numerous officers reprimanded, put on probation, or terminated, We have forced high ranking officials to retire or be charged with a crime, a majority of the investigations of offender complaints to agencies are against abusive, corrupt & violent officers that  kmnowingly break the law & if you think for one minute you are going get away with it, you got another thing coming, you will get caught & when you do we’ll be waiting for you! a committment & our promise to you.


Contact: National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ

Central Headquarters Region (1)

1428 23rd & N Ste. # 2 Galveston, Texas 77550

For more information, visit or OR

About National Association of Distinguished Professionals:

National Association of Distinguished Professionals specializes in providing members with pertinent biographical information of key Executives and Professionals that comprise its membership Worldwide.  National Association of Distinguished Professionals encourages all members to use the publication to contact and network with other members to enhance public relations or possibly develop mutual and beneficial business relationships.

Contact:                                                                                                                                        National Association of Distinguished Professionals, Melville, NY                                                            631-465-9024                                                                             


National Association of Distinguished Professionals



National Association of Distinguished Professionals Selects Jim W. Ferguson II as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Online Registry

HOUSTON TX –— Jim W. Ferguson II, Founder and Executive Director of National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d,OJP DOJ has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.  The selection recognizes Jim W. Ferguson II’s remarkable commitment to excellence in a wide variety of fields which include Corrections, Consulting, Investigations, Government Relations & Advocacy.

Earning his Paralegal degree in specialization in Civil Litigation, his major studies are Legal Research, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Corporations & Partnerships in 2007 at Blackstone Career Institute, & presently works under the authority of Senior Partner Mr. Seth Cortigene at the Cortigene Law Firm in Galveston Texas.

Mr. Ferguson is a member of the State Bar of Texas (Paralegal Division), Member of the National Association of legal Assistants. Jim Ferguson had his training from the School of Hard Knocks & Graduated with Honors. Jim has had strict training from his friend & legal coach the infamous former Watergate trial Attorney Mr. Doug Caddy who has taught him exceptionally well in his legal career,

Jim has education in Media, Producing, Journalism, is a Author and a member of KPFT 90.1 (Free Speech Radio), the Prison Show in Houston Texas, Mr. Ferguson’s highlight of the day is reviewing offender complaints, (Incident Reports) reporting his findings to Congressional (Senate) Criminal Justice Committees, (House of Representatives)State Corrections Committees, National Criminal Justice reference Service, Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice, initiating transfers for Top Priority level 1 Offenders LIDs( Life in Danger) Investigating allegations of Corruption, contacting youth caseworkers & family.

,  .

Mr. Ferguson Attends the (PACT),Public Awareness Corrections Today meetings where he & his staff meet with corrections officials from the Texas Prison System at the Sam Houston State University in Huntsville Texas. the Executive Director, NCOC Staff, Community leaders, concerned citizens meet with the  Executive Director, Deputy Director, wardens, Majors and down the chain of command.

Jim W. Ferguson II founded National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ (NCOC) in August 2007 as an idea and a way to help offenders who have been beaten, sexually assaulted, (some which were even left for dead in their cells by their attacker) Offenders being denied medical treatment, denied medications helping them get the assistance and help they need.

Most of his time is taken by the organizations newest special project dreamed up by the founder himself which is disputing the allocation of the federally funded grant programs by providing evidence of institutions with a inappropriately high incidents of sexual assaults therefore  effectively holding prison authorities accountable for failure to abide by Local  State & Federal Laws & PREA guidelines.

NCOCs primary objective of offering assistance to offenders in regards to their safety, security, and mental wellbeing in correctionscorrectional facilities working with authorities and inmates alike. Mr. Ferguson provides one on one peer counseling/crisis support, and submitting “complaints, recommendations, Corrections Intelligence Reports” to Local, State & Federal law enforcement agencies & state prison headquarters, Mr. Ferguson had this to say about the success rate of the organization & its programs.

“NCOC has put numerous officials/officers on probation/administrative leave, terminated,. We have forced high ranking officials to retire or be charged with a crime, sometimes we have even filed on inmates. But a majority of submitted complaints to agencies like (OIG) Office of Inspector General of the (TDCJ) Texas Dept of Criminal Justice & Internal Affairs of other state correctional facilities & immigration Centers are against abusive, violent or corrupt officers who are taking bribes from Security Threat Groups (gangs) to overlook certain matters.

Complaints for “Review & Consideration” are Assault, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, Unecessary Use of Excessive force complaints. If you are employed at a correctional facility or an offender and you sexually assault someone, beat them, intimidate them or coerce them, you will get caught, you will lose your job, you will be charged with a class A felony & you definitely will do some time, that is our commitment & promise to you, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy when it comes to these situations.

Our proven track record is backed by offender letter statements, affidavits & administrative records & Government correspondence “your dirty work can no longer be kept secret by an administration, it is for the World to see who you are and what you have done, You cannot violate & rape someone, beat them unrecognizable, conspire & try to cover it up by fabricating a statement with a government document such as a disciplinary case and think for a minute you are going get away with it, your time will come and we will be waiting for you”

Mr. Ferguson, is a registered Consultant & Colleague of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service which is the information clearinghouse bureau for all of the Office of Justice Programs, US Department Of Justice & files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from courts, police agencies, federal agencies, the United Nations, and social/civil organizations across the United States .NCOC monitors Americas Corrections Institutes & the Safe Prison Programs.

Additionally, high incidents of sexual assaults undermines the United States Federal Government  by significantly contributing to increased Health, Mental Health & Medical expenditures throughout the nation, raises the risk of Recidivism,Civil Strife, raises the rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Depression, Suicide & excaberation of existing Mental Illnesses’s for offenders, former offenders, effects interstate commerce because it increases substantially the costs incurred to administer their prison systems, increases the level of violence directed at offenders, staff inside & outside the jails or prisons.

As a paralegal/legal assistant with 15 years experience who has been in the law-library for two hours or more throughout the week for years reading new case law & opinions from the United States Supreme Court & Appellate courts & understands the law very well, although Jim is prohibited from giving legal advice, he will show you where to find it in the books.

He continuously informs the public, NCOC Staff  members &  anybody who will listen about the abuse, sexual assaults in jails and prisons, the mental deterioration & wellbeing and the psychological Effects it has on the victims of rape , the spread of diseases (STDs) & the release of persons of interest that are predators into a community in staff meetings, meetings with congress members, radio & the internet he is involved in the community & volunteers anywhere they need his help and works to approve & educate America & new staff members in order to continue to stop predators inside the walls of these jails & prisons which are sometimes a rogue officer who will manipulate and prey on victims who are small, weak, vulnerable, transgender & especially the youngest of offenders. THEY ARE THE CHILDREN IN PRISON.


LEGISLATIVE HISTORY-S1435 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, VOL 149 (2003) July 21st considered passed House & Senate.

WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS Vol 39 (2003) Sept. 4th Presidential Statement.


National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP DOJ

Central Headquarters Region (1)

1428 23rd & N Ste. # 2 Galveston, Texas 77550

For more information, visit or OR

About National Association of Distinguished Professionals:

National Association of Distinguished Professionals specializes in providing members with pertinent biographical information of key Executives and Professionals that comprise its membership Worldwide.  National Association of Distinguished Professionals encourages all members to use the publication to contact and network with other members to enhance public relations or possibly develop mutual and beneficial business relationships.

Contact:                                                                                                                                  National Association of Distinguished Professionals, Melville, NY                                                            631-465-9024                                                                             

3rd New York Cop Rapes Teenage Girl

Side door of police car of the New York Police Department (NYPD)

Protect and serve?

For the third time in 2015, a New York Police Department officer has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault in separate incidents with different teenage girls across the city.On Wednesday, Officer Joel Doseau, age 43, was charged with over 40 counts related to the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl he lured from the internet.

The alleged perv cop wooed the underage teen online, and lied to her about being more than twice her age, telling her he was younger than the 37 years he really was, sources said.The girl believed him, according to the sources, and sent the police veteran nude photographs of herself.

Talk, chats and secret picture posting soon turned into sex, which began some time in the summer of 2008.

In March, 38-year-old NYPD officer Vladimir Sosa was charged with the rape of a 16-year-old girl he took advantage of from the church he also pastored in the Bronx.

An NYPD officer has been arrested on rape and other charges in a series of sexual assaults on a 16-year-old girl from the church where he was also a pastor, police say.Officer Vladimir Sosa, 38, who works out of the 46th Precinct in the Bronx, was arrested in the 43rd Precinct Tuesday morning, police said.

In February, an NYPD sergeant, Vladimir Krull, was arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl:

Vladimir Krull, 37, was charged two counts of rape, two counts of criminal sex act, two counts of sexual misconduct, forcible touching, endangering the welfare of a child, and sex abuse, according to CBS New York. The victim—who authorities say is younger than 17—is reportedly the daughter of a woman Krull knows. NBC New York reports that police believe the abuse has been ongoing for some time.

It’s incredibly disturbing that the very people hired to serve and protect us are preying on young girls and committing such atrocities against them. If these men would so wantonly violate vulnerable girls, how can we trust that they ever truly upheld the law in other ways?Furthermore, can we finally accept the reality that police officers are fully willing and capable of committing every single crime that the people they claim to police commit?


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